Silicon Allies

The Silicon Allies are not just ONL202 Group 14. We are the ambassadors of a way of understanding networked collaborative learning. A way that encourages engagement, support, and feedback. We welcome challenges with honesty, respect, and the mad-like curiosity that drives our intent to keep learning…together!

Our team is as versatile as silicon. No 14 as Atomic number, with its lubrication making things easier and flexible as well as its stickiness allowing us to remember them. There is also silicon around the cables through which we tune in to when we meet at least four times every fortnight (fourteen days).

We are also quite silly because we are joking at least 14 times an hour, which is also the speed of our conversation, something we have the ambition to check out as we engage in FIShing.

Silicon Alleys assemble!

Johanna Arndt

Samiha Charifeh

Oksana Chernysh

Raul Ferrer-Conill

Lena Gumaelius

Lars Harrysson

Marietjie Pienaar

Annika Skogster

Susanne Westman

Jonas Widtfelter