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Expert…yeah right

So I was contacted by Aftonbladet to see if I could comment on some Tweets made by some celebrities. Earlier today the published online the article and they cited me as “the expert”, yeah...


It’s been one year!

One year down… And a ton of great and weird stuff has happened. I still can’t seem to shake the fraud syndrome about being the knowledge production business…it just feels strange, but hey we´re...


Teaching starts now

I have been lucky enough to work with something that I’m passionate about and that taught myself. After almost 13 years as a web designer and web developer, I have become very comfortable with...


So this finally starts

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Well, I am finally at the department of Media and Communication Studies at KAU. I will be working here for 5 full years if everything goes well. August 2018 seems so far away.


A new hope…

Today is the first day of my employment at Karlstad University as a PhD candidate. It’s kind of weird for several reasons. First, I am still on vacation in Barcelona, and the notion of...