The reason why I am taking this course is to sharpen my pedagogical skills during a pandemic period in which we are ‘forced’ to online teaching. The ONL is very promising in that regard.

What I hadn’t anticipated was that the PBL approach would imply forming small groups that would become the actual core of classmates for the rest of the course. Far from the ‘divide & conquer’ I think that group based learning might be a good way to organize distance learning. It does require human power to run such an operation. A testament of that is that our newly-formed litte group, the Silicon Allies, has two facilitators.

It was interesting how the Connecting week has become this whole operation of getting everyone connected. Hah. And we thought we were already connected. But the first glimpse to the “digital tools” show that some of us are ‘connected’ in different ways.

Still, this was a fairly soft landing. My group is easy-going and all-round lovely. Now that the Silicon Allies are connected, only time will tell what we are going to achieve together.