One year down…

And a ton of great and weird stuff has happened. I still can’t seem to shake the fraud syndrome about being the knowledge production business…it just feels strange, but hey we´re getting there. The courses have been great, the teaching makes me more and more comfortable with public speaking and things start peaking up.

I am currently finishing my first book chapter that I am writing with my awesome advisor Michael Karlsson, I have been to quite a few conferences and have been accepted for a few more (ECREA in November!)

One of the coolest things this year has been a multi-university media depts reunion that we had in Alingsås, near Gothenburg. It seems like they do this every year and a bunch of PhDs and senior researchers from the five unis (Karlstad, Örebro, Malmö, Gothenburg and Södertörn), and they meet in locations close to train stations. It actually may be called the Train network since the last time we met in April.

Anyway, one year down…four to go!