Conferences and other invited lectures

Conference presentations

Fast, K., Ryan Bengtsson, L. & Ferrer Conill, R. (2017).  A spatial approach to fan labor: Conceptualizing fan mobilization in transmedia marketing. Locating Imagination: Popular Culture, Tourism and Belonging conference, Erasmus University Rotterdam, April 5-7, 2017.

Ferrer Conill, R. & Cheruiyot, D. (2017). De-Westernizing data journalism. Mapping the use of data in African news media.  Nordic Data Journalism Conference NODA17, 27th – 28th January, 2017, Odense, Denmark.

Ferrer Conill, R. & Uppal, C. (2016). Engaging the readers(?) The use of gamification for news consumption.  ECC ECREA 2016, 9th – 11th November, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.

Ferrer Conill, R. & Handler, R. (2016). Open data, crowdsourcing and game mechanics. A case study on civic participation in the digital age.  Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), 5th – 8th October, 2016, Berlin, Germany.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2016). The users formerly known as the audience. Revisiting the participatory culture in the era of convergence.  IAMCR 2016, 28th – 31st July, 2016, Leicester, UK.

Ferrer Conill, R. & Uppal, C. (2016). Take us to your elders. Conflicts of communication in crisis environments in Ghana. IAMCR 2016, 28th – 31st July, 2016, Leicester, UK.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2016). Native advertising in digital journalism. An explorative study of the blurring boundaries between editorial and commercial content.  ICA 2016, 9th – 13th June, 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

Ferrer Conill, R. & Handler, R. (2016). The Gamification of Society: The use of game mechanics as an expression of mediatization. ICA 2016, 9th – 13th June, 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2015). Camouflaging church as state: A study of journalism’s native advertising. The Future of Journalism, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC), Cardiff University 10th – 11th September 2015, Cardiff, UK.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2015). Quantifying journalism. A critical study of big data within journalism practice. Data Power, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield, 22nd – 23rd June 2015, Sheffield, UK.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2015). Points, badges, and news. A study of the introduction of gamification into journalism practice. Shaping the Future of News Media – The International Conference on Integrated Journalism Education, Research and Innovation, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 17th – 19th June 2015, Barcelona, Spain.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2015). The Gamification of Mobile News: Adapting Traditional Journalism to the Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Devices. Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium ICA Preconference, 21st May 2015, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ferrer Conill, R (2015). Locative and augmented journalism: Towards a new framework to researching the use of geoposition to deliver space-bound news. Geomedia 2015, Karlstad University, 5th – 8th May 2015, Karlstad, Sweden.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2015). Incorporating native advertising: Assessing journalism’s new trend of camouflaging church as state. Re-Inventing Journalism. ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, 5th – 6th February 2015, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2014). The gamification of news: Towards a new framework for researching game mechanics in journalism. ECC ECREA 2014, 12th – 15th November 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2014). Gamification in Virtual Organizations: Engaging with fun and play. 32nd Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), University of Utrecht, 7th – 10th July 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Ferrer Conill, R (2014) Gamified social media: User engagement and the individualization of online communities. Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space, University of Amsterdam, 18th – 20th June 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2014). Going Mobile: Gamifying Digital News in Mobile Devices. 9th International Conference on Persuasive Technology, PERSUASIVE 2014, Doctoral Consortium, University of Padova, 21st – 23rd May 2014, Padova, Italy.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2013). Gamification in Virtual Project Management: a mixture of curiosity and reluctance. Gamification Colloquium 2013, Gothenburg University, 22nd November 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2013). Hierarchical channels: conflicts of communication in crisis environments in Ghana. ICA/ACOP/AE-IC/UMA regional conference in Malaga. Why should I trust you? Challenges for communication in times of crisis, University of Málaga, 18th – 19th July 2013, Málaga, Spain.

Ferrer Conill, R. (2013). Knowledge societies: Empowering through ICT4E. Student Interaction Design Research Conference SIDeR’13, Aarhus University, 9th – 10th April 2013, Aarhus, Denmark.


Invited speaker & public lectures

Södertörn University – Department of Media and Communication – 20th September 2016. Higher seminar: Contextualizing gamification: Persuasive technologies meet media studies.

Bergen University – Department of Information Science and Media – 11th May 2016. Guest lecture: Native Advertising.

TRAIN Network Research Retreat – 20th April 2016, Lund University. Gamification of Society. The use of game mechanics as an expression of mediatization.

Jyväskylä University – Game Research Group – 26th February 2016. The gamification of Journalism. Exploring the use of game mechanics in journalistic contexts.

Col.legi de Periodistes de Catalunya (Catalonia Journalists’ Guild) – 27th January 2016. Master Class: La gamificació del periodisme. Els beneficis i problemes d’utilitzar mecàniques de jocs per fer notícies.

Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), Open University of Barcelona – 26th January 2016. Gamification. A persuasive technology to drive motivation?

Nätverklunch – Kommunikatörsnätverket i Värmland – 13th November 2015. Native advertising: the new trend of camouflaging church as state.

NWT Utbildningsdag Valborg – NWT – 30th April 2015. Native advertising and Gamification: Digital transformations in journalism.

Cádiz University – Communication Research Group – 19th March 2015. The gamification of mobile news. Adapting traditional journalism to the challenges and opportunities of mobile devices.

Kommunikatörsdagen – KAU – 24th February 2015. Persuasive technologies and gamification.

Hotspot Working Fair – KAU – 19th February 2014. Gamification.