Hello! Here’s a few words about me

Originally from Barcelona, Raul has long stopped referring to himself in third person.

I am a PhD Candidate at the department of Geography, Media and Communications at Karlstad University, Sweden.

My academic background is within economics and business studies. I hold a bachelors degree in Business Science; an advanced bachelors degree in Business Administration; and an advanced bachelors degree in Research and Marketing Techniques. I also hold a Master of Science in Global Media Studies (IT major), and a Master’s of Arts in Project Management.

My current research revolves around the use of game-thinking and game-mechanics in digital journalism. I also research around broader forms of gamification, digital journalism, native advertising, and the implications and impact of data and digital technologies in various aspects of daily life. My work has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, such as Journalism Studies, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), and Television and New Media. I am a reviewer for Digital Journalism; the International Journal of AdvertisingJournalism Studies; Commons; and Mobile Communication & Society. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to present my research at various international conferences, such as ICA, ECREA, The Future of Journalism, AoIR, and Persuasive.

For the last four years I have been fortunate to teach several bacherlor’s and master’s courses. My teaching is both practice-oriented (such as Web production; Web and digital image; and Business by Web and Web Analytics) and theory-oriented (such as Digital aesthetics; Media and online cultures; and Contemporary media theory and research methods)

At the moment, I am the chair of the Graduate Student Association at Karlstad University; the vice-chair of the Yecrea Network; and the student representative for the Journalism Studies division of ICA. In the past I was the student representative for the Digital Games Research section of ECREA.

As a result of having a binational background and experiencing the joy of living abroad, I speak five languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Swedish and Greek.

Outside of academia, I have extended experience working in the field of IT, with 14 years as a web designer and developer.
Feel free to approach me with cookies.